Sync iPhone and Google

I used to sync my iPhone through iTunes, but that’s not good. First, because I don’t like iTunes, second, because it doesn’t run natively here; wine and VMs are just workarounds.

At you can choose which calendars to sync, notice that some are unavailable.

Tip: if you sync an email, disable the archive option. The archive button will be replaced by the trash button.

The best way to sync contacts, calendars, and emails is by using Google Sync, in this link there is a very simple tutorial that basically consists of choosing Microsoft Exchange in Add account… and using <> as the server.

Syncing the calendar is even better because it also shows the birthdays of contacts, when I synced through Google account, they didn’t appear. One issue was it not syncing with the Brazilian Holidays, to fix this:

Settings » Mail, Contacts, Calendars » Add Account… » Add Subscribed Calendar

In server, enter the calendar found at

In my case it is: webcal://

Julio Batista Silva
Julio Batista Silva
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