Short Prompt in Bash and ZSH

I strive to keep my files well organized so that it’s easy to find a file when I need it; one consequence of this organization is that sometimes it’s necessary to navigate through several subdirectories to get where I want.

For example, for a simple access to a book, I have to run the following commands:

julio@julio-acer ~  $ cd /media/externo/Documentos/Ebooks/Programacao/Lisp/Peter Seibel/Practical Common Lisp/
julio@julio-acer /media/externo/Documentos/Ebooks/Programacao/Lisp/Peter Seibel/Practical Common Lisp  $ okular Practical Common Lisp.pdf &

Finding and navigating to the correct folder is not complicated at all by combining tab completion, autojump plugins (e.g., fasd), and aliases in my ~/.bashrc that take me directly to the desired folder:

alias docs='cd /media/externo/Documentos'

The issue here is that the command line prompt displays the full path of the folder I’m in; in this case, it’s only 8 directories with short names, but in many cases, it’s necessary to go into even deeper folders with long names, causing the path to take up the entire screen.


There is a system variable that “trims” the display of this path, limiting it to a maximum number of directories shown. This variable is PROMPT_DIRTRIM. Just export it equal to the maximum number of folders to be displayed (3 is a good number) and the rest of the path will be replaced by ....


julio@julio-acer ~  $  cd /media/externo/Documentos/Ebooks/Programacao/Lisp/Peter Seibel/Practical Common Lisp/
julio@julio-acer /media/externo/Documentos/Ebooks/Programacao/Lisp/Peter Seibel/Practical Common Lisp $  export PROMPT_DIRTRIM=3
julio@julio-acer .../Lisp/Peter Seibel/Practical Common Lisp  $  pwd
/media/externo/Documentos/Ebooks/Programacao/Lisp/Peter Seibel/Practical Common Lisp
julio@julio-acer .../Lisp/Peter Seibel/Practical Common Lisp  $

To make this change permanent, add the following line to ~/.bashrc:



For ZSH, there is no $PROMPT_DIRTRIM variable like in BASH, but we can achieve a similar result by editing the $PROMPT variable (=$PS1):

julio@julio-acer /media/externo/Documentos/Programacao/Web/comp/www/projetos/Sites/gera_curriculo> pwd
julio@julio-acer /media/externo/Documentos/Programacao/Web/comp/www/projetos/Sites/gera_curriculo> PROMPT='%n@%m %{$fg[$user_color]%}%3c%{$reset_color%}%(!.#.>) '
julio@julio-acer projetos/Sites/gera_curriculo> pwd

The secret is in %3c, which displays only the last 3 directories.

To make this change default, simply export this variable in ~/.zshrc:

export PROMPT='%n@%m %{$fg[$user_color]%}%3c%{$reset_color%}%(!.#.>) '

The file I used as an example is one of the best introductory books to learn Common Lisp and can be consulted for free at

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