IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is an open communication protocol that has been used for over 23 years for chatting and file exchange.

The client I use on Linux is irssi. It is an open-source, text-based client, simple, with tab completion, and highly customizable through its configuration file and Perl scripts.


julio@julio-acer ~> sudo pacman -S irssi

Edit the file ~/.irssi/config. The version I use can be found on GitHub.

Some channels put a ~ (tilde) in front of your username when they cannot correctly identify you.

Download and install oidentd

julio@julio-acer ~> sudo pacman -S oidentd

Edit /etc/oidentd.conf:

default {
     default {
          deny spoof
          deny spoof_all
          deny spoof_privport
          allow random_numeric
          allow numeric
          allow hide
user root {
     default {
          force reply "UNKNOWN"

And, optionally, edit the local file $HOME/.oidentd.conf:

global {
     reply "unknown"
to {
     reply "example"

Start the daemon using /etc/rc.d/oidentd start or add it to /etc/rc.conf.

Julio Batista Silva
Julio Batista Silva
Data Engineer

I’m a computer engineer passionate about science, technology, photography, and languages. Currently working as a Data Engineer in Germany.

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