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I decided to change my email accounts from Gmail and Hotmail to a simpler Gmail account with addresses on my own domain (<>).

Importing all contacts is a simple task, just export a CSV and upload it to the new account. The same goes for the calendar.

The biggest challenge was re-adding contacts from MSN (I only added a few, because I don’t use it anymore), Gtalk, and unlinking other sites previously connected to my Gmail account.

YouTube After searching a lot, I found this link. Just unlink the old account and link it to the new account.


In settings, there is an option to change the email. Although I still use the old email for login.


Apparently, there is no way to unlink this one. Luckily, I’ve only had it for 3 weeks, so it wasn’t too much trouble to add everyone.

Ebay, Facebook, Moodle, Mercado Livre, etc.

All have the option to change the email, just click on the confirmation link sent to the new address.

Delete Hotmail account

Go to After deleting, you won’t be able to log in for a few months and the account will be permanently deleted.

Custom domain

For each new site I register, I use a different email ending in

In reality, I don’t create a new email every time. I simply set up a Catch-all Address. Most providers have this option. I have used Zoho and Google Workspace.

When an email arrives for an account that doesn’t exist yet, it is redirected to my main address. This way, I have been able to identify sites that leaked or sold my email. It also makes it easier to search for or block emails.

To send emails from one of these addresses, there is a Send Mail As configuration.

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Julio Batista Silva
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