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Online Dictionaries

There are several online dictionaries that are very good for casual queries.
The best ones I know are:



Offline Dictionaries

Sometimes I need to make several queries or I am in a place without internet access.

The most complete program I found is GoldenDict. Some other programs are only available for Windows, but you can run them with Wine.


There are Windows versions of the Portuguese dictionaries Aurélio and Houaiss.
Both work reasonably well via Wine. Aurélio needs Windows fonts.

Considering they were installed in the Wine Prefix called dicts, you can add the following aliases in ~/.zshrc to call the dictionaries from the command line:

  alias houaiss='WINEPREFIX="/home/julio/.local/share/wineprefixes/dicts" wine /home/julio/.local/share/wineprefixes/dicts/drive_c/Program\ Files/Houaiss3/Houaiss3.exe & disown'

  alias aurelio='WINEPREFIX="/home/julio/.local/share/wineprefixes/dicts" wine /home/julio/.local/share/wineprefixes/dicts/drive_c/Program\ Files/Positivo/Miniaurelio/aurelio.exe & disown'


In Windows, I used to use Babylon.
Instead of running it through Wine, I found some of its dictionaries in .bgl format and converted them to Stardict (.ifo/.dict/.idx/.syn), which also work with GoldenDict.

In addition to Babylon dictionaries, I also found some from Apple, ABBYY Lingvo, among others in a format compatible with GoldenDict.

Just place the files in a folder (~/Dicts, for example) and configure GoldenDict to read the folder recursively.

Dark Theme

$ wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/ilius/5a2f35c79775267fbdb249493c041453/raw/5c616fa8120fbf8aee9bc2d33e70f54e0990e759/article-style.css
$ wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/ilius/5a2f35c79775267fbdb249493c041453/raw/5c616fa8120fbf8aee9bc2d33e70f54e0990e759/qt-style.css
$ mkdir -p ~/.goldendict/styles/dark-theme
$ mv article-style.css ~/.goldendict/styles/dark-theme/
$ mv qt-style.css ~/.goldendict/

Edit » Preferences… » Interface:

  • Add-on style: dark-theme
  • Display style: Default

Arc Dark Theme

$ wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/ManiaciaChao/ddb14a09a12c95f134003bcd552dced4/raw/af583740c303e31eb466d945389b7346bb56bf0d/article-style.css
$ wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/ManiaciaChao/ddb14a09a12c95f134003bcd552dced4/raw/af583740c303e31eb466d945389b7346bb56bf0d/qt-style.css
$ mv qt-style.css ~/.goldendict/
$ mkdir -p ~/.goldendict/styles/dark-theme
$ mv article-style.css ~/.goldendict/styles/dark-theme/

Google Translate

$ git clone https://github.com/OPHoperHPO/GT-bash-client.git ~/bin/translate

Edit » Dictionaries… » Sources » Programs » Add…:

  • Name: GT: en > pt
  • Command Line: bash /home/julio/bin/translate/translate.sh en pt %GDWORD%


Ctrl + C + C translates the selected or copied word.

More shortcuts: http://goldendict.org/wiki/index.php/Hotkeys_(Shortcut_keys)


I also use GoldenDict on Android. The MDict format (.mdx) doesn’t work, but the others do.

In addition to that, I also use the dict.cc app (Pt↔En/En↔De/De↔Pt), the Pleco app (Mandarin), the Diccionario de español, and the LEO dictionary. For everything else, I use the Google Translator or DeepL apps when connected to the internet.

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Julio Batista Silva
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