Acer Keyboard

The keyboard of my Acer AS3810T-6376 is in the American standard layout.

In most desktop environments, it is easy to configure the keyboard, but in Awesome you must do it manually.

  • In rc.conf:

  • In .xinitrc:

    setxkbmap -model acer_laptop -layout us -variant intl -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp

The only issue is with the ç character, which must be inserted by pressing AltGr + ,, which is a bit impractical.

One way to fix this is to create a shortcut using ~/.xmodmap

  • Create the file ~/.xmodmap:

    xmodmap -pke > ~/.xmodmap
  • And edit the line

    keycode  54 = c C ccedilla Ccedilla
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Julio Batista Silva
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